Saturday, June 15, 2013

Henry Cavill - Man of Steel, Indeed

I actually forgot I had this in the hopper.  Started working on this in February after I heard Henry Cavill was going to be the new Superman or more aptly, the Man of Steel.  I haven't seen the movie, but I understand it's getting mixed reviews.  The same can not be said for it's ridiculously handsome star, Henry Cavill.  He's getting rave reviews.  For most of us, it's great to see Henry getting lucky, since he has been wearing the moniker "unluckiest man in Hollywood" after losing out on the Bond franchise to Daniel Craig and the Twilight franchise to Robert Pattinson.  Let us stop right here and observe a moment of silence while I imagine, Henry Cavill as Edward Cullen.  Team Cavill, all day, every day.

When I first started this, I envisioned myself combing the internet for deserving men to bestow the honor of being the "He Can Get it" guy but like most things, life happened an lo, these many months, I am just getting back.

I'm pretty sure he's just a regular guy who puts his Supersuit on one leg at a time - please let us observe another moment of silence while I imagine the particulars of said Supersuit removal -  and someone somewhere probably calls him Hank.  Perish the thought.  I prefer to think of him as just plain Henry or better still, "Hello Lover" but I digress.  While I don't wish to objectify Mr. Cavill too much, I would like to say, that he sure is purty.  He got a purty mouth. Oh hey, guys sorry about that, I got a little distracted.  But on the serious tip, Henry Cavill can get it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Matters of the Heart

Here is my firsst short film. It's a student project. I wrote the script, co directed and did sound and editing. It's my first time out and yes I realize it doesn't look like I'm typing. Be gentle. Feedback is encouraged.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jeremy Renner

My latest celebrity crush is the fantastic Mr. Renner. A wonderful actor with a grittiness that makes a girl and I'm sure more than a few guys go a little mushy. No wonder Christina Aguilera fell asleep in his bed. He has a cameo in the movie "Thor" as Hawkeye. He will be taking on that role in the new "Avengers" movie slated for release.

Mr. Renner, you sir, can get it.

Welcome to He Can Get It

Welcome one and all to my light hearted tribute to men I find attractive and desirable. Here I will post pictures and maybe I'll write a blurb or maybe the sheer fantasticness of the photo will suffice.

Can Your Guy Get It?
While the blog will consist mostly of celebrities and the like if you think your guy can get it, please submit a tasteful photo to me via Bear in mind, I said tasteful, not tasty, please do not send me any nude photos with dangly bits exposed. Please include any information you would like included with the photo.

Mr. He Can Get It
Based on the submission and a really informal vote we will select, the He Can Get It guy of the month. There is no money or prizes but if you make this blog popular enough we may have some swag. Maybe T-shirts and mugs and what not.

A few final words.
This is not a place for angry, vindictive or jealous people. Don't send me pictures of your ex boyfriends just to get back at the new girlfriend or any variations on that theme. This is a fun endeavor.